Rotogravure printing to offer versatile and quality finishes, guaranteeing high definition

We work alongside our customers to resolve the material’s technical issues such as light barriers, humidity, temperature changes or the absence of allergens, as well as within the framework of new projects.

We work with them in everything from product design to the form of delivery of the material.

Our size and working approach affords us complete flexibility as regards technical requirements, packaging and production runs, etc.



Different spaces for equipment, raw materials and finished products, thereby ensuring the traceability of all products.



clean room

It is in our Clean Room (100,000 model), the first in Spain, equipped with cutting-edge machinery, where the whole production process takes place: printing, lamination and cutting.

We therefore guarantee the highest standards of cleanliness for our customers, since everything from our provider’s jumbo reels to packaging is handled inside the Clean Room.




Our technicians perform all the necessary tests to verify compliance with the quality standards required by our customers.

We have all the proper measuring equipment for each one of the tests that have to be conducted.